About #hidupiniseperti

I have been blogging on this goddamn blog since 24th December 2011.

It was a Christmas eve. Every member of my family was going to the church and started to pray that night.

And I’m at home. started a blog.

Then My mom said I will go to hell because I didn’t go to the church.

I replied to her:

Why so Serious?

That was what Joker said to Batman every time he felt the Batman start to get on his nerves.

Because I’m not Batman so my mom replied me back by whacking the back of my head with heavy bible.

And she said:

Don’t you ever said that again to me.

I’m not Batman. So I cried that night.

So why would I blog anyway?

I started to blog because everyone is going out and having fun on Friday night with their friends, boyfriends or girlfriends while I got nothing to do.

So I’m just stuck at home and spend most of the nights by

  1. watching cable-TV
  2. Reading a books
  3. and talking to my stupid dogs.

Since I love writing so I came up with an idea to start a blog that day. Finally I have four kind of uncool things to do on Friday night.

  1. Watching cable-TV
  2. Reading a books
  3. Talking to my stupid dogs
  4. Writing a blog.



3 Responses “About #hidupiniseperti” →
  1. blog yang unik…
    Salam kenal bro 🙂

  2. Like this yoo, bahasanya asik n kocakk

  3. Yooo salam kenal! 🙂


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